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Travels Apps to Make your trips fun

Feb 25 2019

Are you a traveller, a frequent flyer or someone who travel for work. You fall into these categories if you are travelling two out of four weeks in a month.

Ever been a city and you are lost in regards to a lot of things. Not everyone knows how to navigate around a city using google map, not everyone can manage to communicate in an unfamiliar language, and many other issues relating to travels.
Thanks to technology and apps that have made things easy for us. Here is a list of some apps that can be used by travellers.

FlightRadar24: Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. You can track flights in Nigeria on this platform. Available online (, iOS, and Android.

You can use any of the following to compare ticket fares.

KAYAK: This app is used to track price tickets and hotel bookings. It compares fares with other sites, pooling the results together. The prices are in pounds. Visit The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

OPODO:  is an app/website to use for price comparison.

EXPEDIA: is another app/website as well

SKYSCANNER: input your dates, location and do check up on available flight deals. You can download the app on the iOS and Android store as well.

HOPPER: This app tells you about flight deals and whether to buy now or later. It works primarily on your phone as an app only.

HOLIDAYPIRATES: You can search for travel deals which are inclusive of flights, hotel booking and car rentals. You can also check up on holiday deals and cruises as well. You can set alerts to get notified when there are deals you will want to tap into.


This is like the go-to for a home away from home. If you want something more than a hotel feel, or you are a group of people that will like to share an apartment, this is the best option. You filter by location, availability, nearness to the city centre, or beach or malls, availability of wifi, and a lot of factors around amenities. You contact your host and get ready to meet. But do try to sort out amenity bills like lights and internet. Do find out from your host if you are the one to pay or it is included in your fee so you can be prepared. It is always advisable to get a local sim and do load with data and call credit to get around.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

This is good for backpackers and low budget travellers. You get to discover hostels in Six continents: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. You can get accommodation for as low as $6 per night. The website allows you to search for Bed and Breakfast accommodation, hotels and hostels. Check the website for more information.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

Want accommodation with good deals? This is the platform to use. Be sure of the filters to use if you want accommodation. If you want to cancel your accommodation, do it within 24 hours and make sure you get a mail confirmation that it has been cancelled. Check he site for more information

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

Having a night out and you need a good hotel to stay last minute? This is the app you want on your phone. Get a good last-minute hotel deal and you can book one week in advance if you are sure of your schedule. This is the app is for people who are looking for a fancy night without splashing too much cash for the hotels are not cheap.

Hotels are available in North America, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

Looking for good deals with comparison over different hotels website? Then this is your site. Compares prices from Expedia,,, Hostelworld, Travelocity and many more sites, in one place. So if you like scoring good deals, this is the app to use.

Check for more information.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.


This is a car service that allows you to get a comfortable car ride when you are in cities you are not familiar with. I do use uber for comparison when I travel because the local cab fare might be cheaper so knowing the uber fare helps you with your bargaining skills. In all, it has been a good service with the features of reporting your driver and asking for refunds when you feel you have been overcharged.

App is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

This apps has a full map of the city where you get to use it. It is an urban map guide with options for different forms of transportation like the bus, metro service, bikes, tram service, Rail stations, Electric bikes service, that are nearby with their full maps. It is not available worldwide but you can check the cities where it is available here

It is good to have a city map on your phone.


This is quite popular in Europe, it works in a similar way with Uber. The major difference is the use of a licensed taxi with my taxi while Uber works majorly with private car owners. It is available in 5o cities across the European continent and it is expanding. This app allows you to review drivers, share journey details, request drivers and leave tips for drivers. Prices are almost similar to that of Uber but destination makes prices to vary.

Check and if you are in the US.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.


Have you ever had that feeling of riding or driving a local means of transportation when you travel? There are different forms of transportation in different countries. From the Keke Marwa which is common in the Asia Pacific continent to hatchbacks and supercars in some other location.
Turo is a local rental app that allows locals to rent out their cars to the tourist who have passed the clearance process to make use of their car.
You can book a car of your choice from a local by filling in your destination, hours to use the car, travel dates and do choose from the locally-owned listed cars. You will collect the keys of the car from the owner and you will drop off after usage.

This is a good way to be part of a community when travelling.

Check to see how it works. This is available in the United States and Canada for now.

The app is available in the iOS store and Android play store for download.

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