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Tips on Using Your Windows Phone

Tips on Using Your Windows Phone

Here are short videos on how to use some apps that are included in your Windows Mobile Phone, specifically the Nokia now Microsoft Phones.

How to be more Productive with Live Folders:

organize your most important things by using Live Folders. Simply pin items to your home screen, and drag them on top of each other to create a new folder. You can name them, re-order them, and stay on top of everything you do, from photos and games, to travel plans and daily schedules.

How to transfer Email, Contacts and Calendar from Gmail to Your Lumia Device:

Here is how to transfer and sync all the information from your Google accounts from your old phone onto your new one in a few minutes.

Scan, Save And Organize Expense Receipts Easily With Microsoft OneNote:

This is one application that is not used to full capacity. In trying to organize your bills and paper receipts, OneNote makes it easy and fun to organize the fills.

In a few steps, create a new note within the app, take a photo of the receipt, add an audio note to the file and you are ready. You do this as many times as possible depending on the number of documents you want to  scan and save.

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