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The Place of Mothers, Family and Proper Upbringing In The Society

May 3 2015

Any one ever watch Frank Spencer’s TV Series ‘Some Mothers Do Have Them’ back in the early 90’s then will really titled the scene above that happened at the #Baltimoreriot the same.

Many could not believe the story of the woman that picked out her son from the whole crowd at the scene of the riot on TV and went down to publicly humiliate the young man before he throws his future away just because he wanted to feel among.
The scene was shown on national TV and also was viral on social media in less than 24 hours. I sat down to read a lot of the comments that were pouring in from different people and also were the funnies that was created by creative individuals.

Looking at that particular scene and the statistics that is been given for the survival of a black man in the United States there is every likelihood that the mother saved her son’s future and also taught him a very great lesson on moral and integrity upstanding. He could have gone on and have a record at an age in life and that will come back to haunt him later on in life when it starts to block opportunities that he might have, all because of a youthful mistake.

Two things did intrigue me. One, how was she able to pick out her son among the whole lot? and secondly, why didn’t the young man raise his hand or insult his mum in his defense?
I will say it all comes to one thing, PROPER UPBRINGING. This woman must have known everything about her son, the friend’s he keeps, where he is at every hour, the clothe he wore out of the house that morning, the backpack he carried, the shoe he wore out of the house, everything was known to her. She brought that young man up in a decent way. That is the more reason why he never raised his hand’s up at her. She taught him how to be a man. A real man will never raise his hands up at a woman, whether young or old.

Even though the society and neighborhood is rough, it is not an excuse not to know what is good and what is bad, what is proper and what is improper. As humans we always look for someone or people to blame for what is wrong with us as a people, and in this case it is the government. The government is not right with a lot of issues concerning the situation in Baltimore but at the same time the people do not need to be on the same arena with them.

Where is the place of family in what is going wrong with our society? Once upon a time mothers were much aware of what colour of pencil their kids took out of the house, and as a result you don’t bring another kid’s pencil back in your bag. If i loose my pencil in school I will have to come back home and let my mum know and receive the proper punishment if there were any to be dished out. I learnt a great lesson from that, Never take what is not yours. If I see something that I want, I tell my mum and if it’s okay she will let me have it.

Society have changed and in our bid to move with the trends and belong in the society, we take on jobs that provides monetary comfort at the expense of our children growing up with no proper moral values, conscience and no recognition for the place of integrity in life.

A mother is the pillar of a child’s life till they are adult and can make conscientious effort of what is good or bad and can live with the consequences. Imagine if all parents were out that day to make sure their kids do what is right like that particular mother did. We can have it all in life, but it will be more easier if we make sure that our children are brought up in a proper way, taking on more responsibility for their actions and knowing the right things to do.

In my language we have the saying that “If a child is good, it is the fathers; but if a child turns out badly and wrong in life, it is the mothers.”. Kudos to that woman that did not mind showing the love for her child by knocking some sense in his head, you are my hero. Thank You for been a wonderful mother.

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