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Importance Of a Buyer Persona In Content Development

Jan 5 2016

Nowadays marketing of a product is majorly customer focused compared to the traditional form of marketing which is marketer focused. It is not about what the marketer want to sell or what the company want to produce but what the customer want to buy. It is all about the customers WANTS.
One of the key ways that can help the direction or prediction of how a product will perform is the use of buyer persona because persona’s influence the purchase decision making process.
In respect to content development, buyer persona helps in determining the audience that you will be creating the contents for. You will like to attract the “right” people to your site, generate traffic, but more importantly, creating value for your audience.

A “buyer persona” is a fictional individual who is developed by an organisation based on the organisation’s researched profile of its typical customer.
This researched profile is based on real data and selected educated speculation about the customer’s demographics, behaviour patterns, and goals.
They don’t have to be financially transacting with your organisation but they are “buying into your content”.

Buyer Persona includes details such as:

  • Relevant Background information inclusive of job roles
  • Demographics which includes where they might be living, gender, age range, income, etc
  • What period of the day are they mostly online
  • Where do they access their contents online? Do they use mobile phones, tablets, or laptops
  • What are the primary and secondary goal of the persona
  • How can the developed content help in solving the challenges of the persona?

It is very important that the buyer persona is based on research and not guesses. Note that if your assumptions are inaccurate the persona will be inaccurate as well.
For content development you can start by taking a look at the analytics on your site and other social media pages showing data in respect to :

  • which content were the most read? do they contain graphics and video, graphics only or text only;
  • what are the demographics of people that are reading them?
  • What is the gender of most of your readers?
  • What time of the day are the readers mostly online?
  • What is the maximum minutes spent on the most read contents?
  • What is uniques about the most read contents?

Finding out the answers helps in determining the motives of your persona, what kind of contents they will read the more, and more importantly, develop a profile for the “right audience”. More articles on buyer persona:
Create your own persona:

Examples of buyer persona:

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