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Discover where to send large files

Discover where to send large files

It is the age of cloud computing, AI, message sharing, photos and videos and yes, app downloading.
Want to send a large file to a colleague without having to do them in batches? Here are some sites that allows you to do so effortlessly. Do note that maximum access allowed by our normal email are: Yahoomail: 25mb; Outlook and hotmail : 10 mb  or 300gb (Only for files attached via SkyDrive); and Gmail: 25mb, per attachment.

Here are a few sites that allows you to transfer large attachment via email. Do note that good internet access is required to upload and download the attachments.


stores all your media and makes it available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go, on any device you have.

It is in three categories 

  1. MediaFire for the Web: which requires you to sign up
  2. MediaFire Desktop: which is a download for Windows and
  3. MediaFire Mobile: this is a download for Apple devices running iOS 7 upwards and Android devices running Android 2.2 upwards.  


enables the user to send large files up to 20GB in size, over the Internet. Using this system you can bypass any limits that may be imposed by your email system. 

It has two mail categories

  1. Business and you get to choose either Business Lite Service or Full Business Service
  2.  Pro account

Adobe SendNow

also known as Adobe Send & Track allows you to send your PDF files to all the right people in a few quick clicks. The PDF is stored securely in Adobe Document Cloud. Recipients simply click the link to view or download your file.

Watch Video on how to use Adobe SendNow here:


For the creatives among us, this is a collaborative tool that is great for that team project. It allows you to share files, get feedback and take projects from concept to completion without having to download and upload all the time.


allow for transfer of 2gb of files for free by inserting your email address, the email address you are sending the file to and a message. There is also a paid for category to send files more than 2gb at once.

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