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Mambilla Plateau

Mambilla Plateau is said to be the highest plateau in Nigeria, standing at a height of about 1524 meters above sea level. It is widely considered the coldest place in Nigeria. This landscape peak is free of insects, and also has a temperate climate.

The plateau is quite fertile and food crops like Banana, Plantain, Pineapple, Cassava, Yam, Sweet and Irish Potatoes are produced in large quantity at this plateau. There’s also an abundance of grassy hills, cattle ranches, and tea plantations at Mambilla Plateau. .

The Mambilla Plateau has over time been occupied by five major ethnic groups with different cultural heritage. During the 19th century, this place became the major outlet of slaves for the Muslim Fulani kingdoms of Banyo and Gashaka. This plateau, which developed on complex rocks, measures about 96km along its curved length and 40km wide.