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DESIGNSCOOK: Online marketplace for designers

Sep 21 2015

Nigeria is fast becoming the biggest online marketplace in West Africa, if not in Africa. There is practically almost a marketplace for any field or market that is available online.
With the advent of the likes of Konga, Jumia, Paga, IrokoTV, Jobberman, etc which are all marketplace and e-commerce sites for all forms of transactions, buying and selling became very easy in the country that once had a very great challenge in getting other countries to collect payments for online transactions from its citizens.
The major aim of innovation is disruption and that has been achieved in the Nigerian online marketplace. If you want to get a job done, all you need do is pick up an internet enabled device and googled in a key word, Voila! You have lists of people that do run their businesses online and can get your job done in a very short time. Technology has made life far easier for people.
In the graphics design space, DesignsCook is the answer for a quick an easy online marketplace for everything graphics, designs, logos, and 3-D creative. Gone are the days of chasing your graphics designers for jobs and trying to get everything done as quick as you can, but that is not always the case.
DesignsCook ( is the brain child of Soji Benn, a trained architect that ventured into graphics designs. Mr Benn started doing graphics designs since 2005, he found it to be fun and he stuck to it.
“I had issues with meeting up with deadlines for clients and this became so much of a challenge for me. I couldn’t manage the workload as I am not a fast designer and as a result I started rejecting jobs. This challenged me to come up with a product that can solve this issue, and thus the idea of DesignsCook,” says Mr Benn.

DesignsCook is a platform whereby Creative designers log on to and source for briefs to work on for clients. The platform facilitates the easy way for customers to have their designs and printing job met quickly and all transation is done online.

The target maket for Designscook is divided into two basically, there are the designers who are needed as much as possible, and then the customers who are the paying clients. The designers are more of DesignsCook selling point because the more designers there are, the more briefs the clients can post and the faster the jobs get done in a few hours.For the community of clients,the best is done to satisfy them for they are the main source of advertisement from the work done for them.

DesignsCook is a year and some few months old and it is working in solving the issues of skilled creative designers in the Nigerian Market, thus the Design Academy. “The Design Academy is very important to us because we want to solve the problem of incompetent designers. We have a lot people that can use the softwares but they are not creative, so the academy is to increase the creative level of designers all over the world,” says Mr Benn.

Mr Robert Eshiet, a logistics/Programme office in AiMP(Apostles in The Market Place) a client of DesignsCook say they use to have problems with their creative designers. “There is lack of concept, lack of creativity on the job and they do delay their work a whole lot.” This was part of the reason why they decided to work with Designscook of which the relationship has been very productive.
“With DesignsCook you are sure to have one person on the team assigned to you work from start to finish. Theu deliver on time, nice creative and inspiring work they have done for us.”

On the Part of the Designers, Oluwayomi Olojo has been with DesignsCook for a while. He started as a part time Designers logging on to the platform to get briefs of work to do. But now he works for DesignsCook on a full time basis. “Working with DesignsCook has been a life Changing experience, very different from what I have been doing before. Things are more easy and very fast now,” says Mr Olojo.

On what the plan is for DesignsCook in the next three years, Mr Benn has this to say. “I am looking at the company that will be in nothing less than 100 countries, we should have designers in over 100 countries, we should have been able to close deals with customers in 100 countries, that is clients coming in from over 100 countries.”

DesignsCook can be find online at It is later known as

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