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It all started with planning the trip a month ago. I have always wanted to explore the eastern part of Nigeria and from there move on to the South-South. I finally got to carry my bag and hit the road with a travel buddy of mine.We booked our bus with GIGM and choose our

Traveling from Nigeria to neighbouring West African countries can be a nightmare especially if you do not know what to expect.Nigeria is next door to Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and on to Cote D'ivoire and other West African countries. You can either cross the borders by yourself or your take the

It was our final week in Berlin and the last few days of our project final. We saw this as an opportunity to unwind. It was a Sunday and the train ride to Potsdam was about 30 minutes on the intercity express service. We got there ahead of our guide and

Kwara State is one of the laid back State in Nigeria, it is part of the places we Yoruba’s always refer to as ‘ilu Oke’, that is, a non-vibrant State. About 70%of the working population are civil servants, 20% farmers and the remaining 10% are serious entrepreneurs who are mostly non-indigenes. But Kwara State

Garri also known as cassava flakes is a popular and staple food in every Nigerian home. It can be consumed in two major forms, either you drink it with sugar, groundnut, fried fish or as some would prefer salt or you make it into eba with hot water. These are the most popular ways