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Are We Just Ignorant of Issues Around Us Or We Just Choose To Be Clueless?

Feb 27 2015

This was the question that came to my mind after I was part of an incident that happened at the bus stop while waiting for the bus that will take me to my destination.
If you are very familiar with Lagos you will know what a good traffic day looks like. This particular evening there was a bit of a standstill traffic as a result of the big buses that were travelling at night.
The Government transport system popularly known as ‘BRT’ buses were on this route and they have become a popular branding spot for whoever has the money.
Not out of place is the branding of these buses with political candidates faces and the party they represent and some of their manifesto.
Two ladies were standing beside me after standing at the bus stop for about 10 minutes and the following conversation took place while looking at the Lagbus that had a political advert on its body

1st Lady: Is that the wife? They look like a lovely couple

2nd Lady: Haba, that is not the wife ooo… That is the Deputy that is running with him

1st Lady: Is that true? I thought that is the wife

2nd Lady: Don’t go and say that outside oo, He is married to someone and she is married to someone else. Ma da wahala le oo(Don’t cause problem)

2nd Lady: (Turning to me) Aunty, shebi that is the deputy and not the wife

I smiled

1st Lady: Even this aunty is smiling….

I almost burst out in laughter but I took to think about the conversation that just took place. The 1st Lady is in her 30s and she most likely would have witnessed at least 3 elections in her time. Is it that she chose to be ignorant of what is going on around her or she just do not care again?

A lot has happened to us as a nation but i just think of the fact that we are the cause of most things that do happen to us as a person and as a people. In the sense that we do not ask the right questions, we do not want to get informed, instead we want to just listen to the babbling of some people who wants us to take in their own opinion and not seek out the fact which is at our finger tips nowadays.

This issue is just not addressed to politics alone but to other aspects of our lives. In this information and mobile enabled age, all you have to do is JUST GOOGLE it.

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